Community Radio

SYN Media

Sound As Ever sees the Australian Music Vault partnering with young people from SYN Media to produce a podcast discussing and highlighting issues in the contemporary Australian music industry.

l Sound As Ever collection here.

The Naughty Rude Show is a sexuality, relationships and identity talks program for youth. During 2017, we broadcasted on SYN Nation and podcasted via Omny, iTunes and Spotify. Here’s every episode from 2017, produced by me.

OST – Original Sound Track looks at the commercially popular, the nostalgic and the future of media sound tracks. Broadcasted in 2018 on SYN Nation and podcasted via Omny, iTunes and Spotify. See the iTunes playlist, and our Facebook page.

All The Best

As the SYN Community Coordinator and a member of the Editorial Team, I recruited and supervised story makers to produce content for All The Best. I also make some of my own stories. See all our episodes on iTunes and on our website archive.

I made the feature story for Episode #415, about my experience of living with endometriosis. See full credits here.

Here I am in Episode #1907 with my story “It’s Just a Name”. See full episode credits here.

Episode #396 documents the All The Best Editorial Team’s participation in the 2019 KCRW Radio Race. In teams, we were given 24 hours to produce a short audio story based on the prompt ‘Where the sun don’t shine’.

JOY 94.9

Being young and bisexual, queering TV and more!


I was the podcast producer for this beloved 3RRR program in 2018, Greening The Apocalypse. See the full playlist on iTunes, Libsyn and Stitcher.

Training and Producing

As an Educational Programs Trainer and Producer, I got to work with young people from schools and community groups from diverse backgrounds, teaching them about radio and equipping them to tell their stories through audio.

Here’s a sample of some of the kinds of content I’ve produced with young people at SYN, Schools on Air.

This was a two-day workshop with young people in Horsham, in association with Triple H FM.

Here’s a project I worked on at Artlands Victoria in Bendigo, in a team of Supervising Producers.