Community Radio

In addition to SYN Media, In the community media sector, I have produced a range of content at All The Best (SYN, FBi, Triple R), Youth In Control (JOY) and Greening the Apocalypse (Triple R).

All The Best

As the SYN Community Coordinator and a member of the Editorial Team, recruited and supervised story makers to produce content for All The Best. I also make some of my own stories. See all our episodes on iTunes and on our website archive.

I made the feature story for Episode #415, about my experience of living with endometriosis. See full credits here.

Here I am in Episode #1907 with my story “It’s Just a Name”. See full episode credits here.

Episode #396 documents the All The Best Editorial Team’s participation in the 2019 KCRW Radio Race. In teams, we were given 24 hours to produce a short audio story based on the prompt ‘Where the sun don’t shine’.

Greening The Apocalypse

I was the podcast producer for this beloved 3RRR program in 2018. See the full playlist on iTunes, Libsyn and Stitcher.